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With your donation, you make it possible for the graduating class to make the show a reality.
All proceeds go to fund theater space, lights, sound, costumes, and more for our show.

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Thank you! need your help to save our history!

Scope and Scalpel Collection at the Pitt Med Library houses old playbills, posters, recordings, and various other materials from past productions- but we are still missing items! Please consider donating any of the items below and help preserve this piece of Pitt Med for years to come!

We still need Playbills for:
1955 P.M.S. IV
1996 Apolyp 13
2013 The Gunner Games
We still need Posters for:
1955 P.M.S. IV
1956 Spring Tonic
1958 Satan Place
1963 Nary a Golden Apple
1979 Smegma House
1980 Saturday Night, In Vivo
1981 Bedside Manor
1982 That’s Incurable
1983 Tuition Impossible
1984 What’s Opera, Doc?
1986 Miami Slice
1987 MD TV
1988 The Pig Pill
1991 Phantom of the OR
2001 The Sixth Stench
2010 Cialis’s Wonderglands
2011 Intussusception
2012 Batmanopause
2013 The Gunner Games
We need recordings for:
1958 Satan Place
1959 Adipose Wrecks
1960 Run Like Sixty!
1964 Beyond the Syringe
1965 Coldfinger
1966 The Sordid Life of Walter PMSten
1967 Maim
1969 Medic-Hair : How to Stop Thinking and Love Medical School
1970 Quack!
1971 C.A.S.H.
1972 PMS Superstar
1973 The Wizard of Ours
1974 The Sound of Mucus
1975 Scar Trek
1976 Midas Welby M.D.
1977 Welcome Back, Cutter
1978 Slipped Disco
1980 Saturday Night, In Vivo
1983 Tuition Impossible
1984 What’s Opera, Doc?
1987 MD TV
1989 Nightmare on DeSoto Street
1990 Back to the Suture
2000 Anal Powers & the Gunner that Shagged Me
2001 The Sixth Stench
2004 Lasix Unloaded
2005 Bedside Story
2013 The Gunner Games